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NEPA, with its affiliated companies and partners, provides frequent sailings on various key trade routes.

Among others, regular semi-liner break-bulk services are being offered from North- as well as South East Asia to the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Mediterranean and the Continent. In this trade we strongly believe that specialization is the way to perfection. With more than 25 years in the business and having been part of many of the up- and down cycles, we have accumulated a wealth of experience which we are able to deploy to the benefit of our customers. Supported by our skilled team of world-wide operating supercargoes, we ensure that cargo operations are being closely supervised both at loading- and discharging ports. All cargo planning is carried out in-house by our experts, taking into account our customers' needs and requirements. Thanks to an extensive network of partners, NEPA can also organize and manage onward transshipments to subsequent ports.

Our Four Major Trades: